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Safari is(‘nt?) the new IE
A post from Nolan Lawson titled Safari is the new IE set off a discussion of Safari’s development, broaching a concern I’ve had for a while now.
Jason Snell offers a measured response in Web developers are grumpy about Safari
Rene Ritchie offers a rebuttal in Safari isn’t the new IE: it’s the user-centric web
Nolan follows up with Safari is the new IE 2: Revenge of the Linkbait
iPhone, iPad, Mac Buyer’s Guide: Know When to Buy
MacRumors offers a very handy guide showing average product cycles and time since last release, aiding buyers in deciding the timing of a purchase of a given line of Apple products.
What’s Victor Agreda Jr. Going to Do Next?
I’m a fan of Victor Agreda Jr., comedian, thinker, and former editor-in-chief of The Unofficial Apple Weblog. His personality is edgy and raw, and one to which I’ve always been able to relate. This article from his hometown newspaper was a great read. There’s a good Systematic episode with Victor, as well.
Zuli Smartplug Presence Pack
I haven’t had a chance to try these out yet (they start shipping in 6-8 weeks), but it might be a leap forward in my decade-long quest for accurate proximity detection for home automation.
This looks like a good Word/Pages alternative for people who want true rich text editing. Inexpensive at $1.99.

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