Ok, so I teased “The Shuttle” a while ago, but it’s ready for sale now. It’s a handmade oak holder for the Apple Remote that looks great with the sleek design of the remote. Its raison d’être is to keep you from losing your Apple Remote, and doing it with class and style.

I own several of the silver Apple Remotes, yet could never find any of them. On Twitter and talking to friends I found I was far from alone. I prototyped this out of a toilet paper tube, and it’s come a long way since then. Now, thanks to my father’s engineering and woodworking skills, it’s a gorgeous piece that not only solves the lost remote issue, but also looks good in any setting.

I have large hands. My wife has much smaller hands, so part of the design process was coming up with a size that worked for everyone. The end result is comfortable to use in any size hand — and more comfortable than the sharp-edged sliver of aluminum has ever been.

“We used to lose our Apple Remote twice a day. Over several weeks of using The Shuttle, we haven’t lost it once. I’m embarrassed to admit how much better The Shuttle has made my life.” - Merlin Mann

This is a handcrafted piece that’s built to last, and it’s not an impulse purchase item. I’m pricing it at $79, but for a limited time you can order it at the intro price of $59.

Right now The Shuttle is listed as a made-to-order product, but we have stock on hand and ready to ship. Tired of looking for your Apple Remote? Here you go.