Thanks to Pagico 7 for supporting this week!

Pagico is a feature-rich, easy-to-use way to put all your notes, tasks, files, projects and clients in one place. It lets you easily stay on top of project management, and helps you archive everything for future reference. It features many unique designs to seamlessly combine task and data management into one elegant package.

Pagico is cross-platform — available on Mac, Windows and Ubuntu — and the built-in cloud sync feature works with all your computers and iOS/Android mobile devices. Cross-platform cloud sync also allows fluid collaboration in small to mid-size teams.

Here are just a few of Pagico’s features:

  • The Dashboard Flowchart offers a stunning, interactive view of your schedule to give you the big picture
  • Create hyperlinks between any object in your database with the Cross-link feature
  • As your project database grows, an innovative tag browser makes it simple to locate the information you need
  • The Daily Planning feature lets you easily prioritize and reschedule tasks for the current day

Using Natural Language Parsing — a new feature in version 7 — Pagico can interpret any text and create new tasks, complete with date information. Also new in Pagico 7 is integration with Zapier, allowing you to centralize thousands of apps and services into one project manager.

Download a free trial and see how Pagico 7 can make your life easier.

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