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Tinderbox is a tool for notes – a personal content assistant that helps you visualize, organize, and discover hidden relationships in your work. Lots of tools give you one way to look at your notes, but Tinderbox gives you superb maps, flexible outlines, tree charts, and more. 

Better yet, Tinderbox lets you make documents that help organize themselves, with agents that gather notes of special interest, lists that keep themselves sorted, rules that automatically enforce constraints, and inheritance to save repetitive typing. 

Tinderbox Six is out now, and offers a lot of new tools and plenty of fresh polish. 

Whether you’re plotting your next novel or planning a new syllabus, managing a department or launching a political campaign, or simply getting stuff done: if you’re working with complex ideas over a span of months or years, Tinderbox can help.

“An elegant and powerful Mac-based system I’ve used for info-management since making the Mac switch six years ago” – James Fallows

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