Some posts of interest from the last week:

Sponsor: Dropzone 3 (Aug 21st)
A big thanks to one of my favorite productivity tools, Dropzone, for sponsoring this week!
A Spillo bookmarklet (Aug 22nd)
If you use Pinboard, you should check out Spillo. If you use Spillo, you should check out this bookmarklet.
Übersicht hacking (Aug 22nd)
GeekTool for even geekier geeks.
Announcing the Textbundle format (and Ulysses 3 giveaway) (Aug 26th)
This is what I’m most excited about right now (aside from the next version of Marked, which is going to be awesome). A new standard that I’ve been working on with the Soulmen. Check it out, and be sure to sign up for the Ulysses giveaway before Monday!

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