is sponsored this week by Camera Plus with AirSnap. Thanks to Global Delight!

Camera Plus is designed to help everyone take the best possible captures with minimum fuss on iOS devices including iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. It has a refined and polished user interface, with slick lines and glide-like transition effects offering an experience unlike any other.

It is also meant to complement the vivid and luscious promise that iOS 7 brings. With an intuitive layout and robust feature-set, Camera Plus presents the most rewarding, fun and colorful photography experience using the iPhone camera.

AirSnap is an innovative new feature that allows users to capture photos and videos using two devices running Camera Plus via Bluetooth™, infrastructure Wi-Fi networks or peer-to-peer Wi-Fi.

Once paired within Camera Plus, iOS devices like the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad can be used to easily capture remotely by using one as the capture device and the other as the remote trigger.

AirSnap can be used for effortless group photos, candid video captures, fun spy videos and a lot more that users will love and find incredibly helpful. Camera Plus with AirSnap can capture photos and videos along with instant previews, rear flash usage and choice of both front and rear cameras.

The possibilities with AirSnap are only limited by creativity. Check out Camera Plus in the App Store.