I’m releasing Sidecar13 for Simplify today. It’s a smaller version of the original Sidecar jacket, which was designed for my 27” display. I failed to make the original scale on its own, so I had to release this as a separate jacket. It has all of the features and skins of the original, just scaled to fit on my 13” MacBook Air.

At present, the skins include:

  • Snozzberry (blue)
  • Easy being green (green)
  • Absence of dark (white)
  • Obsidious (black)
  • Wallflower (translucent black)
  • Nightfall (sunset, blurred)
  • Oddity (blue on black, blurred)
  • Superfuzz Bigmuff (white on black, blurred)

Clicking on the jacket will play/pause, double-clicking will advance to the next song and command clicking will jump to a point in the song determined by the location of the click on the vertical axis of the jacket.

If you’ve been enjoying Sidecar on a 27” screen and have a 13” laptop around, or have been waiting for a smaller version to try it out, here you go. I’d be curious to know how the 13” version looks on an 11” too, if you care to try it out. You’ll need Simplify, of course.

Sidecar13 v1

A 13-inch version of the Sidecar jacket for Simplify.

Published 10/12/13.

Updated 10/12/13. Changelog

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