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Seems file watchers are a dime a dozen these days, but this one offers a heaping serving of configuration options and capabilities.
Intermission: Pause and rewind live audio
A new product from Rogue Amoeba that lets you pause, rewind and play back any audio that runs through your computer. Hook it up to Audio Hijack Pro and be able to get recordings of conversations… from the past.
Transform Markdown Outline into a Numbered Outline
A cool System Service for converting simple Markdown outlines to a nested numerical outline format.
Textastic for Mac OS X
Definitely the best programmers editor on iOS, the Mac version is progressing nicely. The latest release adds sidebar enhancements and fixes a few sandboxing issues. It’s not replacing Sublime Text for me, but it’s quite impressive for the price tag ($8.99).
iBackpack Backpack Design With iPad by Soohun Jung Yanko Design
Via Patrick Welker, this is brilliant. Use your backpack as a rearview mirror (with iPad and iPhone combo), turn signals and a message board to people behind you.

Designed for bikers, but I want it for my car, too. Especially the message system… you know, for those occasions when a “sorry” shrug or certain fingers just don’t convey the message. “I just passed you on the right because you’re driving like a Wisconsinite” would be among my saved messages.1

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  1. Hey, that rhymes.