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          <figcaption>MultiMarkdown Composer 2 icon</figcaption>

Fletcher Penney recently released MultiMarkdown Composer 2 on the Mac App Store. It’s a cleaned-up, smoothed-out, feature-packed version of the previous incarnation. I’m loving it.

Of the many features I find appealing, one of the most unique is the ability to reorganize a document via the Table of Contents pallete. Each header in your document is displayed in an appropriate hierarchy, and dragging list items around in the palette will actually move the headline and its associated paragraphs and elements around in the document. You can even change the level of the header and move between parents. Very slick.

The live Web Preview is accurate and scrolls to exactly where you’re working in the document. Of course, you can still use Marked for preview and get its additional flexibility.

The Increase/Decrease Selection tools are some of the best I’ve seen, too. Byword does a great job with this, but MMDC 2 can handle all kinds of elements; for example, pressing inside of a list item will select the word under the cursor, then the sentence, then the list item and finally the entire list (then the whole document, if you keep going). The Decrease Selection will incrementally bring you back down to exactly where you began. You can also quickly move text selections around via the keyboard.

All of the editing features are smarter than ever, including smart MultiMarkdown table editing, smarter character pairing and all manner of Markdown element creation. The editor can still be styled via external stylesheets, but the syntax has been expanded and is even more customizable.

If you’re looking for a full-featured Markdown/text editor that handles large documents and allows structure manipulation, I highly recommend checking MultiMarkdown Composer 2 out. It’s even on sale right now for just $4.99.