I added a couple of simple TextExpander snippets to the Tools set. The first pair grabs the current (foreground) url from Chrome or Safari and inserts it, the second pair does the same but shortens with Bit.ly.

Note that in order to use the bit.ly snippets, you need to create two additional snippets in a “personal” folder. Create a new group if you don’t have one for personal snippets, then add snippets for Bit.ly username and Bit.ly API key. The abbreviations should be #btlyu (username) and #btlya (API key). You can find your API key at http://bit.ly/a/your_api_key.

The bit.ly snippets will pick up your username and API key based on the abbreviations, so make sure they’re correct. Then just put your username and key into the appropriate snippets as plain text and let the Tools snippets do the rest!

If you are subscribed to the Tools url, your set should update with the new snippets automatically ([[PREFIX]]curl, surl, curb and surb). If you downloaded or don’t have the tools yet, grab them here. And, of course, if you don’t have TextExpander yet, you really should.