Links of interest from September 13, 2012 through September 17, 2012:

Launchpad Manager - Keep your Launchpad organised!
A tool to add some missing functionality to Launchpad in Lion and Mountain Lion. Primarily for faster management and organization. Also see Launchpad Cleaner (free).
Alfred Extension – TaskPaper Extended Notes
This is awesome (and gives me lots of ideas). It allows you to link notes quickly and easily from TaskPaper tasks via tags, and open them in your preferred application. It allows for notes and outline types, and you can run it with or without Alfred (I’m triggering from FastScripts right now).
Create Custom jQuery Builds
This is kinda big for people who love jQuery but want to cut down on bloat.
Batch Resizing Using Command Line and ImageMagick
Smashing Magazine offers a handy way to use Python and ImageMagick to create multiple sizes from a batch of images.
Multi Monitor Wallpaper
It’s not the most beautiful app, and it’s missing a couple of features I’d love to see, but this is über-handy for making continuous wallpapers across multiple displays from a single image.