Black and white picture of an acoustic performance

Rounding off a very quiet week, I thought I’d throw an unusual recording of mine out there. I’ve been prepping a podcast, working on some non-blog writing, and managing (or attempting to) a large project at the day job. Thus, slow posting rate. Forgive me, the code craziness will continue after these messages.

This is the last song in the “Something Precious” series. I’ve realized that I’m moving on musically and I’ll probably never go back and fix all the things I meant to fix. This last one is called “Every Word We Said,” and I don’t know what it is, genre-wise. Industrial Country? I’m unsure, but I suppose that’s irrelevant1. It’s loud and obnoxious; I was in a grating mood. Funny, because my original acoustic version is really, really mellow.

The “collected works” can be found under the “Something Precious” tag.

Every Word We Said

By the way, in regards to the upcoming podcast… I’m not sure what the public hopes for the content are yet. I know what I want to do with it, but it’s going to take a few episodes to figure out how to merge what I envision with what people will most enjoy. When it comes out, be nice. Civil, at least. Most of what I do on this blog and in my free time doesn’t translate very well to an audio-only format, but I’ll find ways…

  1. I want to be stereotyped. I want to be classified