If not the saddest song I’ve ever written, “Junky Angel” is at least in the top 5. I’m not always this much of a downer, but I really needed to get this one up here as I start publishing my more recent work, mostly because this song in particular lays a historical and emotional backdrop for the journey and growth that follows.

The song is not entirely literal. There isn’t one, singular Junky Angel; rather, it’s an amalgam of friends, lovers and acquaintances in my life who shared a common thread. For those who knew Jessica and might be wondering, this song was written before she died. It’s about her, though, as much as it’s about all of us.

I don’t need to provide much backstory for this song, it’s a story in and of itself. I don’t think it needs much further explanation at all, aside from noting that it’s pretty long (~8m). Don’t miss the last minute, though, it kind of all comes together at the end. I suppose that is when stories usually come together…

The lyrics and music were written by me, and I did the vocals, but the guitar and the recording chops on this one belong entirely to my friend Randy Kline (one of the best musicians I’ve ever known). Thanks for checking it out.

Junky Angel

Next one’s a little more upbeat, I promise.