nvALT users have waited a while for this version, and Elastic Threads and I are excited to finally be posting it for you. It’s also available through automatic updates, so current users should be seeing an internal notice soon as well.

This version adds a plethora of new features, including better MultiMarkdown 3 support, Simplenote tag sync1 (and a fix for Lion syncing), the ability to lock a note to the preview window while editing another, auto-pairing and wrapping and quite a few bug fixes.

The current features of nvALT are going to be merged into the main Notational Velocity trunk. nvALT will exist as a “cutting edge” development channel. We’re excited about this change and about bringing the additional features of nvALT to the wider NV audience.

Version 2.2 will follow much more quickly than the time between 2.0 and 2.1. There are many more additional features in progress, including baked-in MMD3 support, fixes from the main NV 2b5, Lion fullscreen, bounceback scroll, and other 10.7 compatibility stuff (fixed Find…). Snazzy new menubar icons will be included, too. Promise.

Go get it!

If you’re looking for more Markdown goodness in other applications, be sure to check out Marked, too. Marked is great for getting nvALT-style Markdown previews in other editors. It will work with nvALT if you save your notes to individual text files, but a more user-friendly integration is in the works.

  1. Darryl Thomas has done the development for the sync. It’s in preliminary stages, but is working. It does not handle incremental/progressive sync yet, so very large note collections with many tags can see unusually long sync times.