I got bored with the default MacVim icon a long time ago, before I was even using it regularly. I’ve been using Daniel Fischer’s replacement icons since then, but today I got bored again. I didn’t find anything great out on the net, so I set off to make my own.

If you want to try them out, just download the zip at the bottom of the page. It contains a folder for each available style (6) and each folder has a MacVim.icns file in it. If you go to MacVim.app in Finder and right click it, you can choose “Show Package Contents” to get into the bundle. Then navigate to Contents -> Resources and drop your new MacVim.icns file over the existing one. You might want to move the old one somewhere safe first, you might hate the new one…

Let me know what you think. It’s not my shining moment in graphic design, but I rather like the blue ones. There’s no accounting for taste, right?

Update: Here’s the PSD file (Photoshop CS5), if you want it. You can tweak your own angles, colors and fonts/text easily (there are only a few layers). Most of it is simple layer styles with shapes and masks, and everything is editable. Change the color just by double clicking the bottom shape layer, everything else will shift with it.

Brett's MacVim Icons v1 v1

I just got bored with the existing MacVim icons so I thought I'd try to throw something together. Zip file contains ICNS files ready to drop into the Resources folder, as well as PNG versions at 512px.

Published 04/23/11.

Updated 04/23/11. Changelog

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