New Marked video: Finding the Answers

I spent some time this weekend updating the Marked 2 documentation. In addition to the content editing, I also ended up reworking some of the tools I use to build the documentation, ranging from automated screenshots to the help builder system that turns a folder full of Markdown files into the Marked 2 documentation.

As a result of the help update and several fixes, there’s a new release out on all channels right now. I also parlayed my own satisfaction with the documentation project into a new tutorial video. I could make videos about every feature (and hopefully eventually I’ll cover most of them), but if I were going to show users one thing, it would be a tour of the documentation and the ability to find all the answers it contains. So that’s the next video:

YouTube Video

I also made a quick one about the Custom Style Gallery that I mentioned last week.

YouTube Video

I’ll keep making more as I have time, but it will be time to start doing marketing for nvUltra soon!

Brett Terpstra

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