SearchLink 2.2.2

SearchLink 2.2.2 is up. Steve Lambert pointed out a bug in the Wikipedia search where a new redirect to SSL was causing SearchLink to fail on all !wiki searches. 2.2.2 fixes this.

There’s also extended help output now, so if you select just the word “help” and run it, it will list all available searches, including any custom searches you’ve set up in ~/.searchlink.

In my own workflows, SearchLink is still one of the most useful OS X utilities I’ve built. If you write in Markdown and ever switch away from your editor to get a link and haven’t tried SearchLink out, you should. I can say with a good amount of certainty that it will change the way you blog, email, and write.

Be sure to check out the custom site search extensions that showed up in the last release.

Also, don’t miss the URL Preview extension I created to validate inscrutable links, still without switching away from your editor.

SearchLink v2.2.14

Generate Markdown links from web searches without leaving your editor.

Published 11/10/14.

Updated 02/27/20. Changelog

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