FoldingText lives!

Nerds ahoy! This is just a quick post1 to help spread the news that FoldingText is officially live on the Mac App Store.

I’ve mentioned FoldingText a few times around the web, including a pick of the week on Systematic. It’s a very cool, super-nerdy, Markdown-friendly text editor, todo manager, productivity tool… I’m not sure there’s a genre you can easily peg it into.

It’s extremely flexible and, well… powerful2.

See the homepage for a few details, be sure to check out the advanced help files in the help menu, and don’t miss this video!

  1. Because I’m already well over my quota of two posts per week.

  2. More powerful than you can possibly imagine. Unless you have a really, really good imagination. I wouldn’t put it past you.

Brett Terpstra

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