Auto-convert your inline Markdown links to references

Update: found a little bug (well, stupid mistake) in the HTML to Clipboard command. Download version is now 1.2.1, update if you grabbed 1.2.

I’ve posted two more updates to the Markdown Service Tools. The first change is a fix for UTF-8 characters in the HTML to Clipboard Service I introduced yesterday. I had no idea that pbcopy didn’t like UTF-8 by default. I found a solution at Mac OS X Hints which seems to be working. I updated the Service in the main download, let me know if it still has trouble with any UTF-8/16 characters.

Secondly, I added a Service that allows you to select an entire document’s text and convert any inline links to reference-style links, with the references sorted and neatly placed at the end of the document. It’s pretty smart about maintaining existing reference links, creating titles, recognizing multiple instances of links, etc., but I can’t account for everyone’s writing style. If you have a reasonable suggestion for improvements (or find any bugs, which is likely), do drop me a line and let me know.

Visit the Markdown Service Tools project page for full info and download.

Brett Terpstra

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