Lunch-break bugfixes for Notational Velocity ALT

Notational Velocity ALT-3 ScreenshotI’m going to have to build a project page for this, and probably set up a separate Sparkle feed for updates on this fork. I had a few minutes while eating my peanut butter and jelly, so I’m posting a new build with a few changes:

  • Renaming notes doesn’t give you a black background in the table cell
  • Removed my weird color scheme, for now
  • Made MultiMarkdown render as “snippets” instead of full documents.
    • You can still get a full document with Save HTML on the preview HUD
  • Links in rendered previews open in external browser
  • Source view works better for Textile documents

That’s the gist of it. I need to figure out how to create a separate fork on GitHub to get this up there, but that will have to wait. For now, have fun with the latest build:

nvALT v2.2.8 (128)

A fork of Notational Velocity with MultiMarkdown preview and advanced Markdown editing capabilities. Other good stuff.

Published 06/08/13.

Updated 09/19/17. Changelog

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