Antique Safari Reader hack update with Evernote goodness

I updated the links and information on the main post, but I thought I’d put a little ping out there for RSS readers who might want to upgrade:

Evernote web clipper functionality is now complete in the style, and the button in the HUD will open the floating frame, let you add tags and extra text, then clip just the visible text in Reader to your main Evernote notebook without ever opening a new page. Exactly what I wanted. Now I just have to add the same thing to Instapaper Beyond!

The style is also now available with and without background images, just check the main post for updates.

Antique 1.6 for Safari Reader v1.6

Version 1.6 of the Antique hack for Safari 5. Adds pleasant styling to Reader, with many additional features.

Published 06/13/10.

Updated 06/13/10. Changelog

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