Thanks to Dropzone for sponsoring this week! I’ve been a Dropzone fan for many years now, and use it daily for everything from processing images to sharing files via my S3 account.

Dropzone brings everyday productivity shortcuts to your Mac. Set up your frequently used actions in the Dropzone interface, then simply drag and drop files into the shortcut icons to perform your saved actions. Move, copy, and share files in an instant, or even develop your own timesaving actions.

🚀 Drag-and-Drop Simplicity: Dropzone 4 lets you effortlessly drag and drop files and folders to your most-used destinations, whether it’s a specific folder, cloud service, or application. It will turbocharge drag & drop and help you get things done faster.

📁 Customizable Actions: Tailor Dropzone 4 to your unique needs with a plethora of customizable actions. Create workflows that suit your daily routine, from resizing images or shortening URLs to sending files via email, all with a simple drag-and-drop.

🗃️ Stash files for later: Drop Bar allows you to keep files handy you know you’ll need later, instead of having to dig them up from their folders. Simply drop files into Dropzone’s holding area, and they’ll stay put until you’re ready to use them again. The holding area is a feature you won’t want to give up, proving incredibly useful for putting together documents that pull in from many sources.

🌐 Cloud Integration: Upload to your favorite cloud services like Imgur, Google Drive, YouTube, SFTP servers and many more.

🧩 Extensive Plugin Support: Expand Dropzone 4’s capabilities with our library of actions available from

🌟 Updated and improved for macOS Sonoma

Ready to supercharge your Mac experience? Join the thousands of satisfied users who have already discovered the magic of Dropzone 4. Download it today and transform the way you use drag & drop on your Mac.

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