Thanks to Kaleidoscope for sponsoring again this week! The addition of Git History diffing is excellent, and I’m excited to share it with everybody.

Review versions of text and image files — and even folders full of files — with the world’s most powerful file comparison app. Kaleidoscope gives you powerful tools to use at each stage of the development cycle.

Now with version 4.1, Kaleidoscope continues to innovate by directly integrating with Git to show you a history for a single file. This makes it incredibly easy to track changes to a file over time. Check out this blog post for a detailed overview of how you can use this powerful new integration.

As Michael Tsai wrote: “… Kaleidoscope makes some of these tasks really easy. There are many ways to get it to open a single file, and then it automatically loads the history (and even the previous version, if you want). It’s easy to navigate the history to pick which versions you want to compare. I’ve seen many different apps implement this type of interface, and Kaleidoscope’s version may be the best.”

Dave Verwer: “The UI of clicking through the history of a file with A and B buttons is simple and brilliant.”

In case you missed it, here are some of the most exciting features we added to Kaleidoscope with version 4:

  • Syntax coloring, with multiple built-in themes.
  • Transform any comparison into a merge document that can be edited inline.
  • Text filters to clean up diffs by removing irrelevant data, such as time stamps, object addresses and unique identifiers.
  • Kaleidoscope Prism, a new helper app in the menu bar to quickly launch comparisons even if Kaleidoscope is not running.
  • Debugger integration for Python developers.
  • File properties show metadata, including size, file type, dates, and encoding.
  • A welcome window that speeds up the processes of creating new comparisons or finding recent ones.

Subscriptions start at $8 per month for a yearly plan. Use the coupon code TERPSTRA (valid until August 31, 2023) to get 20% off for the first year. Check it out today!