Thanks to A Fine Start for sponsoring again this week!

Do you like lists? Do you like lists of lists? If so, listen up. I have a treat for you.

A Fine Start is a new tab page for your web browser. It lets you make lists of links — lists of lists of links to be exact. A Fine Start’s job is to show you these lists whenever you open a new tab.

What kind of links you keep is up to you. But here’s a list of link list suggestions:

  • 💬 A list of social media sites
  • 🍿 A list of TV and movie streaming sites
  • 📈 A list of your daily productivity tools
  • 📰 A list of news and blogs
  • 🕹 A list of places to procrastinate
  • 💅 A list of your friends’ quirky homepages
  • 📚 A list of documentation and references
  • 😊 A list of guilty pleasures
  • 🤯 A list of other apps that let you make lists

Your lists are limited only by your imagination. Make them, sort them, then have immediate access to them whenever you open a new tab.

Get the extension for Chrome or Firefox. Or if your browser supports setting a URL as your new tab page—like Safari does—you can use the web version. It’s free to use.

Happy list making!