Thanks to TextBuddy for sponsoring this week! I have rapidly become a huge fan of this app and am honored to have them as a sponsor.

If you read (hint: you’re reading it right now), then you’re almost certainly a fan of plain text. And, oh boy, do I have a plain text Mac app for you.

Say hello to TextBuddy. It’s a Swiss Army knife for plain text that’s faster than your IDE and easier than the command line.

TextBuddy is not for writing code, or editing Markdown, or managing a library of notes. Instead, the app offers over one hundred nerdy commands you can run with a single keyboard shortcut to edit, filter, transform, and manipulate plain text.

You can also use the app to do crazy stuff like extract text from images and screenshots (OCR) or transcribe speech in audio and video files. And advanced users can write their own commands using JavaScript.

If you frequently work with text that needs to be cleaned up, transformed, or manipulated, give TextBuddy a try. readers save 25% on TextBuddy using this special link. But, please, don’t share that top-secret link with anyone else on the internet.