Thanks to Unite 4 from BZG for sponsoring this week! I’d been missing a good, modern app for making Single Site Browsers, and Unite came to the rescue. I highly recommend it!

Unite 4 for macOS allows you to turn any website into an app on your Mac. Using a lightweight, WebKit powered browser as a backend, you can easily create isolated, customizable apps from any site.

Unite 4 includes dozens of new features, including support for native notifications, new customization options, and much more. Unite apps also serve as a great alternative for resource hogging Electron apps or half-baked Catalyst apps.

Some examples of apps you could create in mere minutes with Unite:

  • A Gmail web client that behaves like a native mail client
  • A status bar app for Apple Music or Overcast
  • An isolated workspace for apps like Facebook that track your browsing
  • A lightweight and power efficient version of Slack, Discord, or Whatsapp with full notification support
  • A full-featured Instagram app with a resizable window, unlike the M1 version
  • A Robinhood, Figma, or Roam Research app for your desktop readers get 20% off this week when you purchase Unite 4 at or when you use the promo code Brett at checkout.

You can also try Unite for 14 days absolutely free or use it as part of your subscription if you’re a Setapp subscriber!