Thanks to TextExpander for sponsoring this week!

As I’m sure long-time readers know, I’m a huge fan of TextExpander, and am always pleased to have them as a sponsor.

TextExpander does what you’d expect from its name: it expands text. You define text shortcuts that expand to prepared snippets when you type them. It’s a huge timesaver, and prevents the tedious work of typing out things you often repeat.

TextExpander syncs your snippets to all your devices (Mac, iOS, Chrome, and Windows) so you can use them wherever you work — in the office, at home, or on the go.

You can make your snippets even more powerful with fill-ins, pop-ups, and more so your messages are customized instead of just boilerplate text.

TextExpander is available for companies, too. Manage and share snippets across your teams and departments.

TextExpander hosts interesting webinars every month. Sign up for our TextExpander beginner, advanced, and teams webinars to learn more about boosting your productivity. You can find all of our webinars at

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