Thanks to A Fine Start for sponsoring this week!

A Fine Start is a new tab page for your web browser. It lets you create a clean and minimal list of links that you can group and sort however you like.

A Fine Start gives you just the right amount of functionality — without cluttering your new tabs with unnecessary screenshots and other space-hogging user interface elements. It’s just hypertext, so it loads quickly and gets you where you want to go, fast. With its clean and chill aesthetic and support for light and dark mode, A Fine Start is a joy to use for anyone who appreciates minimalism in design.

You can use A Fine Start for free. There’s an extension available for Chrome and Firefox, and a web version available for other browsers. Your bookmarks are saved directly in your browser, and you can import/export them at any time. If you would like automatic syncing between browsers and devices, you can get a Premium subscription for just $5 a month, no password required.

Get A Fine Start, the new tab page you will actually use.