Thanks to ImageEngine for sponsoring this week!

ImageEngine is an image CDN that will automatically optimize all the images on your website and make it load faster.

Load time has a huge impact on whether users engage and convert to a sale on your website. Studies show that the bounce rate and conversion rate on a website is drastically better if you can lower load times to less than 5 seconds.

Images are the primary culprit that slow down a site. Images make up over two-thirds of most website’s payload. ImageEngine can automatically reduce image payload by up to 80% with no perceptible change in quality. With less payload, the website loads much faster – typically cutting several seconds off load time.

Installation is easy. Sign up for an account and point ImageEngine at wherever your images are stored on your domain (or Amazon S3). ImageEngine’s device-aware edge servers will start detecting the type of device requesting your website. Then, it will resize, compress, and convert into the most efficient image file format (e.g. WebP for Chrome, JPEG 2000 for Safari). It then caches the optimized images on its image CDN for the next time a device requests it.

Ready for a free trial? Head over to ImageEngine and give it a spin. ImageEngine’s support team is there to make sure you achieve a faster website.

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