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I’m loving this tiny set of CLIs for renaming files. This links to the project page, but you can install them through Homebrew (brew install renameutils). qmv and qcp open a list of target files in an editor, where you can rename them using whatever editor tools you need, and then save to apply the changes. imv and icp provide readline editing of a filename in place. Super handy.
While you’re at it, check out rename, also on Homebrew, for a pipeline approach, and the vidir command from moreutils for another approach to the qmv trick.
Augmented Text Editing on Mobile: The New iOS 13 Gestures
From the Ulysses blog but not Ulysses-specific, a rundown of new gestures for text editing on iOS 13. Did you know there are 3-finger pinch commands for copy, cut, and paste? I didn’t.
Clicker for Hulu
I’m a user of the Mac app Clicker for Netflix, and was happy to see that DBK Labs now has the same type of player for Hulu. It integrates native macOS features with the service’s players, and include PIP and hacks for things like skipping the stupid mini-player that Hulu brings up when you close a show. Some interesting touch bar support, too.
An Alfred workflow that allows free text searching of OmniFocus tasks and projects. A really nice example of Alfred’s power. Now someone needs to make this for LaunchBar…
How to display the size of an app’s frontmost window
Thanks to Rob Griffiths I now have a mouse gesture that shows me the pixel dimensions of whatever window I have in the foreground. Which is actually something I happened to need…

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