Hook is a productivity app from CogSci Apps that connects your files, emails, web urls, and other digital breadcrumbs to each other. I’ve mentioned it here and there, but my most detailed writeup was at Lifehacker a little while back.

Hook applies a principle from cognitive productivity: “deep work requires rapidly re-accessing pertinent information without searching.” Hook allows you to stay in flow by keeping all of your related resources a couple of keystrokes away, no matter what you’re working on.

The latest update to Hook (v1.3) brings a streamlined UI, reorganized menu commands (with more keyboard shortcuts), and the ability to navigate links without leaving the Hook window.

You can check Hook out for free. BrettTerpstra.com readers who decide to dive into Hook Pro can use the coupon UH1ME-ttscoff for 20% off the list price (which is currently $19, but will be going up to $24 soon!).

To apply the coupon for a discount purchase of Hook, visit the checkout page. During the checkout process, which is mediated by Paddle.com (the merchant of record), there will be an “Add Coupon” link in small font below “Your total is $…”. Tick the checkbox, and then enter the coupon code.