Thanks to TextExpander for sponsoring again this week! I’m setting up a Mac mini from scratch, and TextExpander was the third app I installed. I never start using a new machine without it.

You repeat yourself all the time. Spend enough time typing out emails, messages, blog posts, and all the other things you type in a day and you’ll find yourself saying the same thing more than twice. TextExpander makes it so you never have to type out the directions to your house again. Just save it to a snippet and have it available for entry on all of your devices in any app where you type.

Easily insert text snippets in any application from a library of content created by you and/or your team. Add snippets for anything you type repetitively, shortening words, sentences, or entire emails to a few characters.

TextExpander works everywhere you type, improving your productivity and accuracy no matter what apps you use. It’s available for macOS, Windows, iPhone and iPad, and Chrome, so you can maintain consistency across all of your devices and platforms.

In addition to saving time, TextExpander for Teams saves team members from sharing outdated information and helps everyone provide consistent responses.

Visit to learn more about TextExpander and stop repeating yourself today!