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Fans Are Better Than Tech at Organizing Information Online
I wish my own macOS tagging system could be this intelligent. Via @sjh_canada.
Postbox 7.0
As you may be aware, I’m a very happy MailMate user, but I’ve always been impressed with the power of the Postbox email client for Mac. Among a host of new features, the latest version adds new swipe gestures, new rich-text composition tools, and “Labs”, which allows running experimental 3rd-party code within Postbox.
AnyDrop for Mac
I like the idea of this: drag files to the menu bar and get a list of possible actions based on the type of file. But… it doesn’t appear to be user-extensible, so I’m happy sticking with Dropzone, personally.
Color System Plugin for Sketch
In the past, Dark Mode color schemes have usually been an afterthought for me. These days making a design pop in both light and dark versions requires attention from the beginning. This is a great Sketch plugin for setting up a color system that works.
Amazon Prime Video - Rotten Tomatoes Overlay
As someone who wishes Rotten Tomatoes were integrated everywhere I watch movies, this Chrome Extension which overlays Amazon Prime Video TV and movies with ratings is a welcome tool.

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