Just to be clear, this post is about a hair clipper called the Shortcut Pro. This is not about Shortcuts for iOS or any kind of automation. It’s about a hair clipper. You have permission to feel whatever you need to about that.

I mentioned the Remington Shortcut Pro in my “Favorites of 2018” post. I had only had it for a short while at that point. I knew I liked it, but didn’t realize it was going to be a continuing love story.

This review is about a product for keeping hair short coming from a person who keeps his hair very short. It’s not for everyone. It’s just for people who keep their hair short, and who like doing so for themselves.

The clipper is a little puck, really, that fits into the palm of your hand. This makes it almost like using a comb: it’s easy to use with either hand, and even easy to use on the back of your head while looking in a mirror-on-mirror situation and trying to convince your muscles to do the opposite of what you’re seeing. Holding something in the palm of your hand versus gripping a stick seems like a small difference, but it’s been a huge speed increase in my weekly shavings.

The clipper blade is curved. I have a cowlick that actually grows in every direction. A swirl. Maybe all cowlicks are like that, but when I used to have enough hair to go to the barber, he was always amused by it. So anyway, this curved blade is the first tool I’ve found that makes cutting that part a 2-pass job, rather than the 7-or-8-pass job that it took me with straight clippers. The curve wraps around all the contours of my skull. It’s so fast.

It’s also fully waterproof. Not that I’m shaving my head in the shower, but it makes it really easy to clean. Just run it under water and wipe it off with my finger, dry it, drop a bead of oil on it (I’m going to make this thing last forever) and stick it in the drawer.

The battery life on the thing is pretty incredible, too. Just to see how long it would take to wear out, I put off charging it after I got it. At the risk of eventually leaving my head half shaved while it recharged at some point, I went 3 months without plugging it in. It never died, I just eventually figured I should charge it up to be safe. So I’ve charged it once in 6 months now. Granted, 15 minutes of use once a week shouldn’t kill a battery too fast, but I’m still impressed. Beats my last pair of cordless clippers ten-fold.

The Shortcut comes with 9 attachable combs for setting the length. My beard trimmer slides out to vary the length, and more than once I’ve pushed the guard too hard and shortened the length, leading to having to trim my whole beard shorter to match. Never a problem with separate, attachable combs. I’m pretty sure the Shortcut would make a good beard trimmer, too, but I’ve been growing mine out since I got it, so I haven’t tested yet.

Anyway, I like this clipper enough that I felt compelled to record my feelings on the internet. If you happen to also sport a “not bald yet but might as well be” haircut, the Shortcut Pro is worth the $55 price tag.

By the way, I found a service called The Review Index that takes an Amazon product url and shows you an AI-curated summary of all of the reviews for that product. Check it out.

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