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KeyKey is a minimalistic touch typing tutor for Mac. It’s suitable for beginners who want to learn basic touch typing skills, as well as for advanced users seeking to master alternative layouts like COLEMAK or DVORAK.

Touch typing is not about key arrangement, as you might believe. It’s about training your muscle memory, making your fingers remember the micro motions unique to each language. KeyKey knows the most popular letter combinations and words of your native language and utilizes them in lesson generation.

Letter combinations “the”, “tea”, “ate”, “to” are examples of natural micro motions with 4 most popular English letters. That’s why the first lesson starts with varied combinations of these letters:

Key combinations

Lessons are presented in several languages, including English, Spanish, German and French, along with the popular layouts for these languages: QWERTY, COLEMAK, DVORAK, AZERTY, QWERTZ (Swiss) and BÉPO. Lessons can be changed both automatically and manually and you can add punctuation marks, capitalization, and numbers to each of them.

In the near future we plan to add separate lessons for programmers to practice touch typing on real code examples from some popular programming languages.

If you are ready to master the art of typing without typos while never looking at your keyboard, get KeyKey on the App Store today.

Learn more about all of KeyKey’s features at the KeyKey Typing Tutor website!