Thanks to ​BetterTouchTool for sponsoring this week! I’m a long-(long-)-time fan of this app, and I’m really excited to see it switching over to a paid model. Help sustain great software!

BetterTouchTool is a little app that makes it possible to customize your input devices to really match your workflow. BTT allows you to configure various Magic Mouse and Trackpad gestures, to set keyboard shortcuts, bind normal mouse buttons, customize your Touch Bar, use the Siri Remote on your Mac and do tons more.

BetterTouchTool offers many actions to automate various tasks on your Mac, and allows you to assign them to any trigger you choose. Additionally it contains some handy features like window snapping, a basic clipboard manager, a screenshot editor and many more.

Download a 45 day trial of BetterTouchTool today!

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