OmniOutliner 3 for iOS is out and it’s a big update. See the bottom of the post for a chance to win a Pro license.

This iOS release brings parity with OmniOutliner 5 on Mac, and adds iPhone X and iOS 11 support. It also includes support for printing, new drag & drop features, PDF export, document encryption, and interface updates, including inspectors and new focus and filtering options.

OmniOutliner is now split into two versions: Essentials, and Pro (like the Mac version is now, too). Essentials is a limited in features, but also less expensive ($9.99 US), and easily serves the needs of many people just looking for a solid outliner app. It can print, add notes, export multiple formats, and sync via OmniPresence. It also features “Open In Place,” which allows you to open a file from Dropbox or the Files app, edit in OmniOutliner, and save changes in its original location. Man, I always hated that old sandbox dance.

The Pro version is a $39.99 in-app purchase (both versions are free downloads with 14-day trials). It has everything that Essentials has, plus the ability to “focus” on sections of your outline (including support for multiple selections), and filters with saved searches (including searches set up on your Mac). It can also encrypt your documents on disk (so on the server as well) with AES-256 encryption. If you’re brainstorming in OmniOutliner, encryption means trust and peace of mind, so this is great news (I refer you to Joel Anderson on Systematic).

Perhaps the most exciting thing to me is the inclusion of Omni’s new scripting tool, Omni Automation. Sal Soghoian talked about it a bit on (another great episode of) Systematic, and focused heavily on it in talks at the CMD-D conference (where I was lucky enough to get to speak alongside a bunch of automation heroes). It’s a JavaScript-based scripting language that provides cross-platform automation. If it works on iOS, it works on Mac without alteration. You can see some of the things people have already done with it in OmniGraffle via Omni’s Discourse section.

Omni has kindly offered five Pro version codes ($39.99 US value) for readers. Enter below with your name (full please) and an email address (as always, only for contacting winners, lists are discarded after the drawing). Five winners will be drawn on Tuesday, February 27 at 12pm CST.

Also check out the free trial of OmniOutliner 3 in the meantime!

Sorry, this giveaway has ended.