Thanks to Aaron Dowd for sponsoring this week and promoting his new Successful Podcasting online course! I’ve known Aaron since Systematic was on 5by5, where he was the audio editor. He’s a pro, with a bunch of videos on podcasting to his credit and years of experience in both creating and producing ‘casts. Take advantage of his expertise!

Update: The Successful Podcasting courses are now available as a subscription: $99/month gets you access to Successful Podcasting and the Logic and GB courses, as well as a whole bunch of other great courses on

Hey friends,

My name is Aaron Dowd, and I love helping people make podcasts. The knowledge shared in the podcasts I’ve been listening to since 2010 have helped me find sanity and work I love doing.

I owe so much to the folks who have shared what they’ve learned in podcasts over the years; people like Brett and Merlin Mann and David Sparks and Katie Floyd from Mac Power Users. They’ve taught me so many amazing things and helped me connect with so many other awesome podcasters and people who are passionate about what they do.

I learned so much from them over the years, and I’ve always hoped I’d someday be able to help other people the same way.

This week I launched an online course called Successful Podcasting that I wrote and recorded (with help) in 2016–2017. I wanted to share everything I’ve learned so far about making podcasts to help anyone who wants to learn how to be a great podcaster.

The course runs online, and includes 9 Modules with 64 Videos. It’s normally $699, but right now I’m offering $200 off. You’ll also get access to Logic Pro X for Podcasters and Podcasting With GarageBand (screencast courses to help you learn these great app). Get hours of instruction and tips for $499!

Registration is only open until Friday, so if you’ve been thinking about starting a podcast, I’d love to help. Sign up today!