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Thank You, Sal
Sal Saghoians, “Czar of User Scripting & Automation,” has departed from Apple. This roundup compiled by Micahel Tsai offers highlights of comments from the community. I join the mass speculation that this is a bad sign for the future of people like me who spend as much time automating Macs as they do working on them. The reason this is notable is not that Sal was let go, it’s that his position was eliminated. It’s not a matter of personal conflict, it’s a sign that Apple might not see a future for the automation that I love on macOS (and hoped for on iOS, someday).
The new MacBook Pro is kind of great for hackers
I’m one of the many who have been critically speculating about the new MacBook Pro. It’s something I don’t usually do without getting my hands on one, but “no escape key!” and “no function keys!” and “too many dongles, not enough ports!” have escaped my mouth on several podcasts now. This is a refreshing take that goes back to my usual philosophy of “give it a year and see if you still want to go backwards.”
Scheduling Due Dates in TaskPaper
A tutorial on using TaskPaper’s latest features to schedule due dates in your task lists with a popup date picker.
The Linguistic Evolution of ‘Like’ - The Atlantic

People’s sense of how they talk tends to differ from the reality, and the person of a certain age who claims never to use like “that way” as often as not, like, does – and often.

Daft Science by Coins
I can’t help but post this. I’ve long been a fan of mashup, dating back to the first time I heard SoulWax/2manydjs. The best part of mashup for me is that it can take two or more songs where I fail to appreciate one or more of the artists and change the context in a way that makes me… appreciate them. This album by Coins combines the group I consider to be the quintessential musical artists of my generation (The Beastie Boys) with an artist I had never bothered to appreciate to any extent (Daft Punk).

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