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Every email user is familiar with this problem: important incoming emails often get lost if they are not responded to right away. They drop down quickly to the bottom of your inbox, replaced by lots of new messages.

MailButler offers a solution for this: its new Snooze feature.

If you want to deal with the email later, you just have to press the “Snooze” button and set the time when you want to get back to it: be it in several hours or at the beginning of the next workday.

After that, the email is removed from your inbox and moves back to the top later, right at your preferred time. While a “snoozed” email is no longer visible in the main email inbox, it is still available the entire time in a specially designated folder, allowing access at any time.

Inbox Zero has never been so easy to reach before!

The new Snooze feature is just the latest addition to an already impressive array of tools MailButler has previously offered to Apple Mail users. Among its productivity boosting features is the ability to schedule, undo, and track emails, convert emails to notes, upload email attachments regardless of size, and more. The developers plan to add new things to this list.

You can learn more about the features and also download the program here.

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