Associate, a new app from the creator of Blink, makes generating affiliate links for Amazon products on iOS a breeze. Blink is a tool for searching and creating iTunes affiliate links, and Associate takes all of the things learned from making Blink and applies them to Amazon.

If you’re not familiar with it, the Amazon Associate program allows you to make a little bit of money when sharing links to Amazon products. It doesn’t cost the people who click your link anything, and can be a good side source of revenue if you’re sharing a lot of links with a large enough audience.

Associate can search for products and generate concise urls with your Amazon Associate tag, ready to share. You can do it within the app and copy a plain or Markdown link, or use it from the share sheet with any selected text in whatever app you’re working in.

Associate’s extension also adds the ability to generate affiliate links from within Amazon’s own app, or anywhere you want to copy an Amazon link. With a single tap, you can convert an existing Amazon link to one that you can make a bit of money on.

Writers who use Markdown can also benefit from multiple Markdown link formats, with the option to add product names as link titles. Associate works with Split View on iPads, too, so you can access it easily while writing in your favorite editor.

You can check out Associate on the iTunes App Store. It’s currently $4.99 US, and as soon as Apple approves the bundle, you’ll be able to get it along with Blink at a 20% discount.