In Minnesota (where I live), the word “interesting” is generally used as a passive-aggressive way of saying “I’m not sure how I feel about that.” In my personal life, October was interesting. I did manage to publish a few things of note, nonetheless…

First, a big thanks to my October sponsors, Bushel, PDFpen 7, and Billings Pro.

I got tired of @ø$#ing censoring myself manually, so I made a TextExpander snippet for swearing politely. It works on iOS, so if you’re tired of typing out random punctuation characters to express yourself on Facebook without upsetting your mom, check it out.

I also managed to get Marked 2.5 out. This was a big update with new features and fixes, including the expansion of Marked’s proofreading capabilities to include multilingual spellcheck and grammar suggestions.

I also shared some advice on how to write a support request, based on my own experiences in working with customers. Suggested reading for anyone who uses software, which I assume you’re doing at this very moment.

I got my Magic Keyboard, and shared some opinions. Granted, I’m an edge case in many senses, but this may be of interest if you’re looking at getting one yourself.

Rounding out the month, an updated script for vacuuming on El Capitan to improve performance and search speed on large email databases (does anyone not have a large database at this point?).

Thanks as always for reading, and look forward to more fun soon. I’m hoping to launch my newsletter this month, I have some great guests lined up for Systematic, and I promise Christina and I will get back on schedule with Overtired!