Web Excursions are select bookmarks from my travels around the interwebs, because I'm always thinking about you while discovering other people's cool stuff. You mean that much to me. You can see all of my (public) bookmarks on Pinboard, and visit the bookmarks archive for curated lists across the last few years.

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I’m buried in development work on a new version of Marked 2 (I’ll post more about the updates soon), the commercial replacement for nvALT (more on that closer to release), and some important side projects, so my posting rate has been a little lower lately. It will ramp back up soon.

I’ve also been writing at MacStories, and posted reviews of Typed for Mac and Dash 3 last week. Keep an eye out there for more news and reviews, including one of the new version of Tembo that came out last week.

And then there are the podcasts. Systematic is going strong and has had some great guests since the last time I mentioned it. Rather than list them all (and some upcoming gems), I’ll refer you to the ESN page. Keep listening! Overtired had a couple of weeks off between WWDC and Christina’s packed schedule of interviewing amazing people, but the latest episode is packed with fun conversations on tech and pop culture, with plenty of movie reviews. It should be out in the next day or two, so keep an eye out!

By the way, I’m planning to start a subscription newsletter soon, and all supporting members will have access. The newsletter will include answers to member questions, bonus “web excursions,” and more, but everything I’ve always posted on this blog will continue to be provided for free.

Without further ado, the web excursions:

Feeder 3.0 Now Available
Feeder is an extremely useful app for building RSS feeds, including podcast enclosures and Sparkle XML feeds for software updates. Version 3 is great, so if you’re in need of a really simple way to create custom feeds, check it out.
Balloon is a drop box for your Dropbox. Share your Balloon to receive files straight to your Dropbox. There’s no signup for senders, just share a link.
Palette Gear: Hands-on Control of your Favourite Software
Snap-together sliders, dials and buttons for intuitive, precise and custom control of your software. These look like a blast.
Get The New BitTorrent Sync API
I hope to see more apps start integrating Bittorrent Sync. The first major integration is OneHub.
Octopress 3.0 is coming
This is looking great. My system has diverged enough that I probably won’t be able to implement a lot of it without some re-working, but if you’re looking at Jekyll, be sure to try out Octopress 3 in the exploration process.

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