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Blink: Better Affiliate Links is for anyone who has ever linked to an app, book, TV show, music or movie and would like to earn money doing so. With the iTunes affiliate program you can make money by linking to media on the iTunes Store, the iOS App Store, the Mac App Store and the iBook Store, but creating affiliate links is a pain on iOS. Blink eliminates the friction by saving your affiliate credentials and other preferences so they’re always available, making afilliate linking a snap. With Blink you can make a link to share with just one person or a thousand; it’s easy either way.

Blink converts existing,,,,,, and links into affiliate links that earn you money whenever people click them and buy anything from iTunes. If you don’t already have a link, Blink can search across Mac and iOS apps, film, TV, music, audiobooks and iBooks all at once, making it easy to grab the link you want. Blink also supports three Markdown link formats, so writers can choose one that fits their writing style best.

Blink’s secret weapon is its extension and URL scheme, which let you link from within other apps without interrupting your work, as well as integrate it into other workflows.

Here’s a peek at two new features coming in Blink 1.1:

  • The ability to generate links, reducing errors for users clicking from outside your home country
  • Support for provider ID tokens that app developers can add to their affiliate links to track the performance of their apps using iTunes Connect Analytics

Blink: Better Affiliate Links is the most recent iOS app from Squibner, an independent iOS development company based in Hinsdale, Illinois. Grab it on the iTunes App Store for $4.99 (US) and start monetizing your link sharing today!