Thanks to DevMate from MacPaw for sponsoring this week!

Develop and Distribute Your Apps Seamlessly

Originally an in-house product—now used by some of the best in the Mac development community—DevMate is a new platform from MacPaw, a team of indie developers turned company. DevMate helps developers prime their applications for release, making it incredibly easy to set up product licensing, deliver updates to customers, get user feedback, integrate crash reporting, and much more. Whether you’re an indie dev or an established company, DevMate gives you all the necessary tools to sell your applications outside the Mac App Store.

Spend Less Time Coding with a Single SDK

The platform takes hours of tedious code off developers’ hands. DevMate uses one single SDK which helps you protect your application from illegal usage, improve product stability, beta test new versions, communicate with your customers via feedback, and keep your users up-to-date with the latest version of your app.

Get Real-time Analytics

DevMate collects and aggregates data from your application to build extensive reports on:

  • Application usage
  • Customer statistics
  • Revenue & sales data
  • Сampaign efficiency
  • Conversion funnels
  • Crash reports
  • Update performance
  • And more…

DevMate is also intended to work as a centralized place for application management, which improves interaction with customers and collects data in real time.

A Complete E-commerce Solution

DevMate’s FastSpring integration provides an e-commerce solution to developers. Your users can purchase a full version or a paid upgrade right from the application, without affecting their customer experience. This helps make DevMate a complete platform for development, management, and distribution of applications.

If you’re a developer looking for a great solution for non-MAS distribution, check out DevMate today.