Thanks to Desk App for sponsoring this week!

Desk App, which won Apple’s “Best App of 2014,” is a writing, blogging, and note taking app for OS X. Built by indie developer John Saddington, its focus and intent is quite simple: To help you capture your thoughts and publish them to the world.

You can easily publish your stories to WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and more via an intuitive WYSIWYG editor or Markdown. With drag-and-drop image insertion and powerful platform-specific features like Post Formats and Scheduled Posts you may never have to visit your web editor again (which was kind of the point).

In addition, customize your experience with visual styles (Night/Day Mode), text and font treatments, and other viewing options that should delight as well offer excellent functionality.

Finally, come join the growing community of writers and bloggers on the Community Forum. They can help encourage you to not give up on some of the most important work that you have: Telling your story.

Get Desk App on the Mac App Store. Love writing.