Thanks to Letterspace, a new note-taking app for iOS and Mac, for sponsoring this week. I had actually recently discovered Letterspace and was quite impressed before they even signed up to sponsor the blog. I recommend taking a look!

Letterspace developer Sittipon Simasanti writes:

“I finally found myself able to actually touch type on my iPhone last month. It’s become so much easier since iPhone’s auto-correct feature improved. Most of the time, it does the right thing even when I tap on a completely wrong button for every character in a word.”

“But there are also times that I have to fix it myself, and the current method isn’t great. Editing requires you to touch on the precise spot after the characters you want to edit, which takes too much fiddling. Editing text on your iPhone should be easy. This is the problem that Letterspace solves.”

Letterspace is a note-taking app with a bar above the keyboard. When you run your finger over this bar, the cursor moves. It’s the key feature, but there’s more!

It also makes writing in Markdown exceptionally easy. When you start a new line, Letterspace suggests Markdown symbols in place of the QuickType bar. It continues lists, and offers inline highlighting of Markdown syntax.

Letterspace doesn’t use folders to organize your notes. Instead, it uses a more powerful system incorporating #hashtags and @mentions, and they’ll sync across all of your devices with iCloud.

Letterspace was just released last week. It’s now available on your iPhone, your iPad and your Mac, all for free! (You can use in-app purchases to add color themes.)

Go grab Letterspace now!

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