I just published project called Reiki, a shell function that I’ve been using to make it easier to run the various (and often overly complex) Rake tasks that I use in a lot of my projects. The headline should probably have been “a stopgap for my convoluted Rakefiles.” To summarize, it turns:

rake generate[true,"commit message"] deploy


r gen true, commit message: d

Some of my tasks and their arguments get tedious to type with square brackets and quoting requirements, and aliasing tasks got out of hand with inconsistencies and bloated “available tasks” lists. I also suffer from inconsistency when naming tasks, usually with conjugation of their labels and order of arguments. A little fuzzy matching goes a long way.

Even among Ruby/Rake users, this is probably a non-issue, and this project won’t be overly helpful to most of you. If you abuse Rake the way I do, though, give it a try.