I made an Übersicht widget to fix an Übersicht frustration. Actually, it’s a frustration with every desktop info app I’ve ever used: if you get it looking perfect on a dark desktop image, you can never use a light desktop image, and vice versa. I use multiple spaces and tend to distinguish them with wallpaper. I needed a way to make Übersicht work across them.

I spent too long making the video considering how simple the task was, and now I’d feel guilty if I spent much more time writing about it. As noted in the video, I do not actually know how to correctly say “Übersicht” out loud. Forgive me. A lot of people sent me audio recordings of how to properly pronounce “Übersicht.” They differed enough that my untrained ear still couldn’t confidently pronounce the word, but I figured out a way…

YouTube Video

The widget is in the “ubersicht widgets” project page and up on GitHub if you’re interested.