Vitag is a quick script I wrote today that I think might be useful to others. I don’t know how many people both live in Terminal and make use of Finder tags in OS X 10.9+, but if anyone does, this will make life easier.

Run without arguments it grabs all files and folders in the current directory and opens your text editor with a list of them, each one followed by its current tags (if any) in square brackets. Edit what’s in the brackets, save and close, and those changes are immediately applied.

It’s rough, I just wrote it tonight, but it seems solid thus far. I’d love to hear from anyone who tries it out. Full info and instructions on the project page

vitag v1.0.2

A CLI tool for batch editing OS X file and folder tags in your text editor

Published 01/10/15.

Updated 01/10/15. Changelog

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